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Low-Level- Laser-Therapy (LLLT) is a non-invasive therapy delivered by a device emitting laser of wavelength specific to the treatment area. The Low-Level- Laser is absorbed within the Mitochondria of tissue cells stimulating enhanced ATP (energy currency of the cell) production and boosting cell metabolism. The therapy promotes fast healing, pain alleviation, and cell & hair re-growth by increasing Macrophages, Fibroblasts, Endotheliocytes, Keratinocytes, Mast cells & Collagen synthesis. LLLT is also used for the cellulite and fat reduction process.

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Remarkable Laser Devices

Winlase – Safe & Effective Laser Therapy For Pain Management

The Winlase Device is based on Low-Level-Laser Therapy. It is portable, touch screen, and equipped with therapy protocols and enables selection of useful clinical indications for easy and effective operation. The device is equipped with 200mW

Single Diode Applicator and 500mW Cluster Applicator.

  • 8” LCD touch screen and user friendly UI
  • Emission modes: Continues, Pulsed and Sweep
  • Preset protocols and Up to 10 user defined modes
  • In-built battery with 45 minutes backup

HairLase LX-50

The device has been exclusively used for hair re-growth. The Hairlase equipment has 50 pieces’ cold laser diodes offering effective treatment in 20 minutes. Low level laser photons irradiate the entire scalp through diodes increasing micro circulation of blood supplies to the hair follicles. Hair follicles, which are “dormant” but not dead, can be rehabilitated as debris are pushed from the hair shaft on “soft” Laser application.

  • Touch Screen Operations
  • 50, Class IIIR Soft Laser Diode
  • USB Port for Firmware Updates
  • Oscillating Hood

Customization For Your Private Label Products

We also provide customization across Enclosures, GUI, Model type, Aesthetics and Packaging. Our expertise across various verticals makes our portfolio versatile to cater to multiple segments for private labeling.

Enclosures options

Plastic – Sheet Metal


Thermo forming

Aluminium Extrusion

Operating Options

Touch Screen – GUI

Capacitive Touch Button

MKB Panels

LCD and Buttons

Packaging Options

Customize Packaging

Branding option

Logo Printing



The process of Electrostimulation involves modulating the nerve signaling by electrical impulse.


Ultrasound is used as a diagnostic, pain-relieving and aesthetic technology. Broadly, Therapeutic Ultrasound is classified as Thermal & Non-Thermal Ultrasound.

Radio Frequency

The RF technology produces therapeutic effects by increasing blood perfusion, nutrient, and oxygen supply of the treated tissue.

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